Making a Difference – The Power to Bless

(First Published October 29, 2015)

In her book “Angels in the Workplace,” Melissa Giovagnoli tells the story of a man who was homeless. There was a program in that city to help people get off of the streets by earning money selling newspapers. So every morning, a formerly homeless man went down to his street corner to sell papers. Rain or shine, in cold weather or warm, he was there. He began to wave at the familiar faces of people who were driving past.

One day, he was startled by a woman who stopped her car, jumped out and gave him a big hug. She said to him, “I want to thank you for simply being here.” She went on to tell of the difficult time she was going through. Every day was a struggle. There were days when she really didn’t know if she could go on. But each day, as she came to that intersection, there he was standing and waving to her. His simple gesture of warmth, gave her the strength to get through the rest of the day.

Often, we look at our lives and tell ourselves that we can’t make a difference anywhere. We really don’t fully comprehend the impact we have on another person’s life. Simple kindnesses can make a significant difference to a person starved for affection and love. A note, a phone call, a visit, a word of encouragement, a smile or taking time to listen can show that you genuinely love and care for that person. Your prayers can touch a life and join with Gods for a person’s well-being.

You have it in your power to bless somebody’s life today. You can make a difference. You can be a part of God’s Kingdom of love and kindness. Look around you. Who needs you to reach out as a friend to share God’s love today?


About Shirley Hobson Duncanson

Rev. Shirley Duncanson is a United Methodist Pastor. She is a graduate of United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, Metro State University in Minnesota and Cleveland High School, in Cleveland MN where she grew up on a small fishing resort. Retired in 2013, she has served churches in Owatonna, Fairfax, Morton, Winona, Homer, Mounds View and most recently Hillcrest United Methodist Church in Bloomington, all in Minnesota. Shirley currently is a volunteer pastor at a nearby church. She is the mother of seven and grandmother of seven. Shirley enjoys photography, theological discussions, political discourse, book studies and reading.
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