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Living as a Christian Nation in the Post Election World of 2016

(First Published – November 14, 2016) The election of 2016 has torn at the very fabric of our nation. Words and actions have brought out our darker angels. Facebook posts tell both sides of the long battle for the White … Continue reading

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Will We Live Out Our Heritage as People of Faith or Will We Succumb to fear?

First Published November 17, 2015 In a scene reminiscent of World War II, when nations around the world refused refuge to Jewish people fleeing the death camps of Hitler, today we are preparing to abandon another group of refugees. Fear … Continue reading

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Pretending Doesn’t Make It So

A friend of mine used to say, “Pretending doesn’t make it so.” I’ve watched with dismay this week as one executive order after another has come from the oval office. Many are attacking the very things I believe most strongly … Continue reading

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Being a Christian is More than Something We Believe

My memories go back far enough to remember when good people worked together to create solutions that would be beneficial to everyone. The rural and city divide was less divided. Each recognized that we were one nation. What helped one … Continue reading

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